29 Jul 2017

Origin Benefits and Storage of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice which comes from the bark of a plant that originated in Sri Lanka, southeast of the coast of India.  The oil contained in the bark is a very important component to the cinnamon flavor. The small cinnamon tree is also common in Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal, Vietnam and Brazil.

The harvesting of cinnamon from the tree takes time, yet is a simple process.  Once the small tree has grown for about three years, the tree is cut promoting new branching.  Shoots will sprout from the roots in about one year.  Once this happens, the bark is removed from the shoots and dried.  The thin layer of inner bark is used as cinnamon; the outer bark is either discarded or used for mulch.  The inner bark naturally curls into rolls, referred to as ‘quills.’

If ground into powder, the cinnamon retains a higher potency and stores for about six months.  The cinnamon stick, however, has a longer shelf life and should be kept in a cool, dry, dark area.

The two most used forms of cinnamon are Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon.  Ceylon is sweet, easy to grind into powder form and the more expensive of the two.  Cassia cinnamon is darker than Ceylon cinnamon and not easy to grind.

Cinnamon can be used as a preservative keeping food fresh longer utilizing antioxidant properties which combat fungus, parasites and bacteria.  Cinnamon is a must for hot teas, certain pastries, added to oatmeal, cinnamon toast, and extremely effective when mixed with honey.  Cinnamon uses and benefits are endless.  Add cinnamon to marinades, dressings, meat, poultry and fish for a unique, distinct flavor.  A holiday ornament made from cinnamon sticks is not only fun to embellish but will add a homey, aromatic ambiance to your home.

Cinnamon not only improves blood circulation, but also benefits: the heart with its anti- inflammatory properties, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes more than Type I, weight loss, lymphoma and leukemia cancers, infections, arthritis, acne, immunity and the brain.  Cinnamon is also a valued source of manganese, dietary fiber, iron and calcium.

Not only are there endless culinary, craft and health benefits from cinnamon, a song was also composed.  The song, ‘Cinnamon let me in. Knock, knock, let me in……..’ reinforces the benefits of the wholesome spice, cinnamon.

29 Jul 2017

Bear Lard Donuts

Bear Lard Donuts

Bear fat is excellent for pastry making. The Native Americans used bear lard for cooking. Bear fat is also used for other things other than cooking such as soap making, candle making, and protective finishes for leather and wood. The bear fat is usually heated and melted to prevent spoilage. It must be used soon because it is highly susceptible to spoilage. After the fat is melted it is strained with a cheesecloth and placed in a sealed container and refrigerator.

Many French chefs and pastry makers prefer bear lard in making pastries. It is highly valued by the French. Bear lard is much less saturated and is easy to work into pastry dough. Although it is not very common these modern days to use bear lard in cooking, it is done in some specialty baking and pastry making. I have a unique recipe that I hope you will enjoy for Bear Lard Donuts.


1 quart of hot water

1 pack of dry yeast

1 teaspoon of vanilla

2 eggs, beaten

1 cup of bear lard

1 cup of sugar

1/2 teaspoon of salt

3 pounds of flour, all-purpose

2 cups of bear lard for frying

Powdered sugar and water for glaze.


1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the lard and the hot water and stir until the lard is completely melted and mixed well .

2. Add the pack of yeast to a half of cup of warm water.

3. Add the eggs and vanilla to the lard mixture and mix until well combined.

4. Stir in the sugar and the salt and mix well. Add the yeast mixture and mix well.

5. Add the flour a small amount at a time mixing until you have a firm consistency.

6. Place the dough on a floured surface and knead.

7. Place the dough in a covered greased bowl for two hours. Let rise to cut as donuts.

8. Heat the electric skillet and let 2 cups of bear lard melt and become ready for deep frying.

9. Place the donuts in the skillet and allow each side to brown. Place them on paper towels to allow the grease to drain.

10. Glaze the donuts with a mixture of powder sugar and water, glaze them while they are still hot.

11. Place them on a baking sheet to dry. Serve and enjoy!

30 Jun 2016


The Phytoestrogen diet ™ will reveal the truth about cellulite reversal and prevention which is formulated according to the latest research.
Cellulite is definitely a ‘dirty’ word in the beauty industry and a great cause of embarrassment. However the sad fact is that more than 80% of women either have or will have cellulite.

  • Have you ever wondered…
  • Why doesn’t everyone have cellulite?
  • Why doesn’t men have cellulite or very rarely?
  • Why nothing seems to work?

Cellulite is a natural process in females induced by the hormone estrogen and fat on any part of the body is governed by hormonal or metabolic needs. Cellulite is and an interaction of the dispose (fat) tissue and connective tissues upon which the sex hormones act – thus hormonal needs determines if cellulite appears. It is vital for hormones to be balanced in order to reverse and prevent cellulite.

Unless you do something about excising cellulite it will just get worse and that is a promise! The Phytoestrogen diet ™ reveals:

  • What hormone levels have to do with cellulite development and teach you how to effectively balance your hormones
  • Why most treatments actually makes the problem worse and which ones to avoid
  • Specific dietary regimes to suite your taste, lifestyle and exercise types that can more effectively treat cellulite
30 Jun 2016

Taking away the pain

I will loose 140 lbs by December 2016.

Supporting Actions:

change my eating habits, drink 8 eight oz glasses of water a day, exercise everyday for 30 minutes, limit my sugar and carb intake. stopping asking my son to bring things and get them myself.

Background Information:

I have been a large person most of my life and the older I get the more the weight bothers my knees, at one point I could not walk up the stairs without breathing hard, it was scary and frustrating, buying clothes can be a challenge and there is so much shape-ware you can buy. gastric bypass is out of the question for me I want to learn self control and how to eat better.

My Friends give me a few more here:

Know that there is someone out here who will be using the same strategies to lose the weight. Just stop the bread and other carbs. You already know how to do this. Let’s imagine how healthy and beautiful we will be and feel! – Calameda

Try to find some immediate payoffs for being more active. Maybe get a dog. Dogs can be great motivators to go for walks everyday. Chasing a puppy around will burn some serious calories!!

Get creative and just keep telling yourself you are worth it. You deserve the health and well being that is yours to have. I know you are. – Kathylisson

29 Jun 2016

Lara’s Healthy Facts

Lara Dutta, who was crowned Miss Universe 2000, tells her fitness mantras.

Lara is a big crusader for yoga. She eats the right quality and quantity of food to keep her hair and skin glowing.

The key to her healthy and fit body lies in the points below. She says:

1.) Eat Carbohydrates. Don’t starve yourself. Start with a soup or salad and then go for the main course. You can eat something healthy before going out somewhere to eat, so that you eat less there.

2.) Drink Water. It is very important to drink lots of water and stay hydrated to keep your skin good looking. Say no to fizz!

3.) I like a juice of Celery, Amla, Spinach, Mint and Cucumber. Green is healthy.

4.) Lose weight. Make it fun. Try swimming, jogging, cycling and walking. Also go for exercises,such as exercises for plantar fasciitis.

5.) Be clear of the shape you wanna be in. Imagine your self that way. It will help you reach your goal.

28 Jun 2016


Many a time strangers instead of being friendly may behave like enemies.It is difficult to discriminate quite precisely between friends & foe among strangers.U must B cautious to avoid any untoward incident.Do not accept any eatables from stranger especially when he/she him/herself approaches U to offer.Do not believe any stranger(s) when they wants U to accompany them after giving either a good or a bad news.Do not be lured by promises of undue gains by strangers.

28 Jun 2016

How to Make Your Own Sourdough

The tangy flavor, crusty outside, soft and chewy inside of a loaf of sourdough bread can’t be compared to any other genre of bread, which is why sourdough stands alone. A hot, fresh loaf of sourdough sliced into thin, steaming pieces topped with cubes of butter entices even one who may not be hungry. Cooled, the bread makes delicious sandwiches for any filling or great toast with jam or to hold a BLT.

Sourdough begins from a starter, which is a method many bread products use to begin. Making a starter for some baked goods can be tricky, and can sometimes get out of control. But sourdough starter is simple to start, simple to maintain, and simple to end without waste. In short, making sourdough bread is easy and fun!

Many sourdough recipes call for yeast, but true sourdough contains no yeast. The starter itself becomes what is needed to make a rising, hearty loaf of sourdough bread.

To create a sourdough starter, just mix some water and flour in a pint jar, and cover the jar with a coffee filter or cheesecloth. Set the jar outside. Every day, add a little flour and water until it smells right. If it grows mold, throw it out, and begin again. Typically, a sourdough starter will take three to four days, but it can also take up to a week. Plain, unbleached white flour works best for sourdough bread starter. Make sure you keep the starter at a soupy consistency as well.

Once the starter is a success, pour it into a big glass bowl. Start adding flour and water to your starter, maintaining the soupy consistency. Depending on how much bread you want to make, how many loaves or how big a loaf, add the flour and water until you reach the desired amount. Once you have what you think is enough, don’t forget to get your pint jar back out and fill it back up with starter, from your freshly mixed dough, again. If you forget, you’ll have to make a whole new starter!

The pint jar filled with the starter will keep in the refrigerator for a good while. If you leave the starter untouched in the fridge for a long time (a month or so), a black liquid may form on the top. This liquid is harmless and just needs to be skimmed off before the starter is used. However, if the starter forms any mold or retains any bad odor, it will need to be tossed and a new starter begun.

To your big glass bowl, add about one tablespoon of Himalayan salt and more flour. This is also the step in which you can play with your ingredients, in case you want to add sunflower seeds or sesame seeds or whatever else. You can also choose to move forward with wheat flour at this stage. Starters made with whole wheat flour tend to have soaking issues, leading to mold. But adding whole wheat flour into your mix at this point will turn out well. Sticking with plain white flour works, too, of course.

Mix the ingredients, adding as needed, until the consistency is right. Shape your loaf, and let it rise under a slightly moistened towel. Several hours later, or even the length of the day, bake in the oven at 350 degrees for just short of an hour. If the top is becoming too brown or too hard too quickly, covering the loaf during the bulk of the baking is advised.

Another option is building your starter day after day until it’s the amount you would want for making a loaf of bread. Adding the salt and possibly some additional flour and water would be the only steps necessary at that point. And, don’t forget, again, to retain some of the starter!

Eating soured foods is healthy for gut maintenance, and the longer you let the sourdough rise and set, the more the dough will sour and the stronger the flavor will be. Many times, grain consumption causes people to have pooch bellies, or muffin tops, but since sourdough bread is free of commercial yeast and fermented enough to produce gut-friendly flora, most people add to their health by making their own sourdough bread a regular part of their diets.

28 Jun 2016

Cheap Baby Swings And Bouncers

Baby swings and bouncers are broadly utilized by children in every single place the world. And the idea that of using baby swings and bouncers isn’t in any respect a latest innovation in reality other folks belonging to all regions of the world regardless of they’re from higher magnificence or mediocre, each figure wish to get a toddler swings and bouncers for its baby. Child swings and bouncers are utilized by both child girls and baby boys. Thus you’ll make use of it for many years like purchase a excellent high quality baby swings and bouncers on the birth of your first baby after which use it for the remaining to three young children relying on the kids you’re going to born.

How to choose Cheap baby swings and bouncers
Baby swings and bouncers are soothing for the child whether it is a newly born baby or a couple of year old. As a rule baby swings and bouncers are connected to the door body, while remainder of the newborn swings and bouncers include their very own frames attached. Baby swings and bouncers want you to head thru a few instructions earlier than making any purchases of it.
You wish to have to look up first that whether or not your baby is ready for the bouncer or swing relying on his/her age. A baby bouncer can be used within the early degrees of child’s lifestyles while a baby swing requires you to stay up for few more years so that a baby can get control on his/her neck and heads. The baby swings and bouncers will have to be of reliable and durable logo which might now not make you to replace it or repair it on day-to-day basis.

Advantages of baby swings and bouncers
There are lots of advantages associated with using baby swings and bouncers, and will best be experienced via person who has made use of it in its personal life. Smartly telling you one of the crucial advantages, it can be used to entertain your baby when you’re doing all of your paintings of the day. There are occasions when your baby is not getting a right kind sound sleep. Baby swings and bouncers can be used to provide a valid sleep on your baby.

Opting for the baby swings and bouncers consistent with the space available
The general decision while buying a baby swings and bouncers you want to appear up that how a lot area is to be had in the home or in child’s room and swings appear to take extra space as evaluate to the bouncers.

28 Jun 2016

Best Baby Swings And Bouncers

Sometimes a crying baby can be difficult to comfort. Because she cannot tell you what she wants or needs, it may take many guesses before a comforting answer is found. The  best baby swings and bouncers send off soothing vibrations that can aid i n soothing your little one and also help keep your baby “held,” safe and within sight while you complete household chores. Options abound when it comes to bouncers and swings, but Consumer Reports recommends buying one or the other, as the purpose of the two is the same. Parenting  and baby websites like The Bump, Bescovery and Baby Bouncer Chairs consistently rate some of the same items highly.

Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing
Bring baby a sense of comfort with the motion he enjoys most – whether it’s rocking side-to-side or front-to-back. Surround him in softness – soft fabrics, a variety of music and the soft, gentile motion of the toys on the mobile.

For you, the function is two-fold, because the plush seat is removable, with wood handles that let you take baby from room to room! Whatever room you and baby end up in, the rich textures, earthy colors and beautiful wood accents will help create harmony in your home. Additional features include three-point restraint, two-position recline and machine-washable seat pad, pillow and attached blankets.

Graco Swing ‘n Bounce Infant Swing
From invention to innovation, we take great pride in all of our swings, and that’s why we are proud to introduce theGraco Swing ‘N Bounce2-in-1 Infant Swin g. This product offers 2 features in one. To comfort your baby this full featured swing includes a deluxe, upgraded seat pad and additional body support to cuddle your infant. Six speeds and a selection of 10 classical tunes and nature sounds allow you to choose the soothing experience that’s just right for what your little one needs. With the 5 point harness system and the 3-position recline this swing provides comfort and support for your baby. Thefull featured bouncer includes a one hand flip-up tray along with the 2 speed vibration which calms and relaxes them for a soothing experience.The overhead rotating toy bar allows the charming soft toys to be at baby’s eye level or rotate backward to provide easy access to remove the seat. The NEW Graco Swing ‘N Bounce2-in-1 Infant Swing is the product you and your baby cannot live without.

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing
The Butterfly Papasan Cradle Swing is the next generation of the Nature’s Touch Papasan Cradle swing. Not only can baby swing front to back like a traditional swing, but side to side like a cradle. The cozy nest-like seat comfortably cradles your baby in soft, multi-textured materials. There is also a mobile overhead with three plush stars that float up and down and rotate, and a dome overhead projects an amusing starlight show above baby onto the canopy that surrounds the seat.

Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing
Surround your little one in comfort at every touch point with our Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing in Biscotti Baby fashion with the unique Comfort Surround System. We have designed this little wonder with all the elements to keep your baby supremely soothed and happy, while offering mom the latest on-trend styling. The sweet, soft portable swing with plush, oversized seat is the perfect cozy place for your little one. Comfort Recline offers 3 positions for rest and play. Truspeed technology automatically recognizes baby’s weight and adjusts the swing’s motion to maintain consistent, soothing swing speed even as he grows and Whisperquiet ensures a noiseless ride. The canopy toybar pivots out of the way with one hand for easy access to baby and is easy to remove. Keeps your little one snug as a hug.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Open Top Take-Along Swing
The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Open Top Take-Along Swing offers all the benefits of a full-sized swing in a portable format, so you can take it with you to Grandma’s house, on vacation, or to the park–anywhere and everywhere you and your baby go. Designed to cradle your baby in comfort while keeping him safe and secure, this swing has five speeds, plays seven songs, and includes a removable toy bar.

28 Jun 2016

Baby Swings And Bouncers

You’re preparing while using arrival of your small one and thus are prepared to tackle the big decision: would you set a child swing or bouncer seat on your child bathtub registry?  Both  baby swings and bouncers  can stimulate baby’s mind and help infant to fall asleep. professionals advise buying  baby swing and bouncer combo, so take on into accounts these factors when producing your decision.


Swings commonly arrive with more features than do bouncers. On most swings, you’ll be in a position to adjust the speed and duration using the swinging motion. you’ll be in a position to deal with the quality of sound, and some swings allow you to adjust the brightness of lights, which commonly twinkle in time using the music.

You can obtain a simple swing or a multi-use swing. With a “3-in-1,” you’ll be in a position to detach the seat beyond your swing to use as being a transportable infant seat, and later on clear apart the body to have got a toddler rocker.

Many bouncers arrive with features these sorts of as perform trays, mobiles, lights or sound. Some child swings will allow you to adjust the speed using the rebound or choose between two to three songs. To ease and comfort baby, some bouncers even have got a seem that imitates a heartbeat.


Bouncers consider up much less room than do swings and so are lighter and easier to transportation from the single spot to another. Bouncers ordinarily weigh in 10 pounds. circular the hand, swings occur in a large amount of variations also it is achievable to buy the higher compact vacation swing if you want portability. A vacation swing may weigh as small as three pounds, but a 3-in-1 swing may weigh just like a whole great offer as twenty pounds.

Time Frame

Baby swings and bouncers both have a quick lifespan. child swings generally maintain child right up until he or she reaches 15 to 25 pounds. commonly bouncers are only created to maintain child as much as 6 several weeks or eighteen to 30 pounds, whichever arrives first. maintain in mind how lengthy your child are planning to become in a position take advantage of the swing or bouncer when determining just how much to spend.


Bouncers usually expenditure much under swings. Bouncers can expenditure anyplace from $20 to $100, however the bestselling, most excellent reviewed bouncers on Amazon.com generally range $30 to $50. Swings can expenditure upwards of $200, however the most famous swings on Amazon.com range from $60 to $120.

Baby Preference

You will not know which option will very best match your child until you give the child swings and bouncers a test-run. Have child look at out the swing at your friend’s house or ask for to borrow a bouncer from the mom whose child has outgrown theirs. should definitely you cannot look at it before you purchase it, consider this guideline of thumb:

If you discover your child declines asleep when you rock him or her in the rocking chair, then you definitely there may be an effective chance child will feel relaxed in the swing. If child typically declines asleep on automobile rides, a bouncer seat that vibrates could maybe be the most effective fit.