Healthy Greek Spoon Sweets

The spoon sweets of Greece are delicious delicacies which are usually made from preserved fruits. Their name comes from the usual method of serving these preserves by the teaspoon, usually in a small china or crystal dish. Each small spoon treat should preserve the shape, color, taste, and aroma of the original fruit from which it was made.

Fortunately, this delectable combination of sugar and fruit doesn’t have to break your diet. It is easy to keep Greek spoon sweets healthy.

Choose your spoon sweet wisely

Most spoon sweets are made of a single fruit. Sour and bitter fruits are most desirable, for the taste contrast with the sugar used in the preserve, but any fruit can be used. Spoon sweets can also be made from unripe nuts, including walnuts, hazelnuts, and pistachios, or from vegetables, such as baby eggplants. They can even be made from edible flower petals.

Thus, the healthiest spoon sweets will come from the healthiest main ingredients. Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and cherries should be at the top of every healthy spoon sweet list for their rich vitamin and antioxidant content.

Choose your accompanying foods wisely

Greek spoon sweets are traditionally served with coffee, tea, or cold water. These traditional ways are also the healthiest ways to enjoy spoon sweets.

More modern ways to enjoy spoon sweets are as an ice cream, yogurt, or even cheesecake topping. The yogurt is usually a bit healthier than the ice cream, but both have more calories than the spoon sweet alone. Cheesecake can break the caloric count completely.

Ice cream, cheesecake, and some frozen yogurts also have fat content. Homemade spoon sweets have none.

You can also spread spoon sweets on toast, in the same way as jam or marmalade. Opt for a whole grain or brown bread with plenty of fiber.

Stick to homemade spoon sweets

Most Greek spoon sweets are homemade. However, supermarket versions of many different kinds of spoon sweets can also be found.

These are usually less healthy than their homemade versions. They are often made with glucose syrup instead of sugar. They may also reduce the percentage of fruit to glucose syrup, which makes them cheaper to produce. Some supermarket spoon sweets may include artificial coloring or preservatives.

Everything in moderation

A teaspoon of sugar has between 25 and 50 calories. A single teaspoon-sized spoon sweet won’t have more calories than that. In general, a healthy diet can absorb an occasional small indulgence of this kind.

Savoring a spoon sweet slowly is a good way to draw out its pleasure. In fact, some spoon sweets, such as the “vanilla” which is made of mastic resin, is designed to be licked, so it must be enjoyed slowly. If you enjoy spoon sweets in moderation and avoid high-caloric additions, Greek spoon sweets can be part of a healthy diet.

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