14 Oct 2017

Tramadol: An Addictive Painkiller

Tramadol is used to treat moderate-to-severe pain in adults who usually need continuous treatment for long periods (chronic conditions). It is a powerful analgesic and may be harmful is large doses. Analgesics are commonly used as painkillers to treat different pain and aches. Though a painkiller, Tramadol has addictive and narcotic effects. To get rid […]

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12 Oct 2017

Black Stool Causes

Most Common Black Stool Causes The first thing to understand if you are looking for information regarding black stool causes is that the causes are just as diverse as the people that experience it. Nearly every one of every race and age, living in every country around the word will have black stool at some […]

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10 Oct 2017

Treating Vaginal Yeast Infection Is Easier Than You Think

Can you once and for all say you already know a lot of things about Treating Vaginal Yeast Infection? If you can, then chances are you already know the best ways by which you can prevent yourself from having one. So how does one really stop fungal growth? What does it take for a sufferer […]

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14 Sep 2017

All about Sociopaths

They exist everywhere. They are amongst your friends, co-workers and family. To almost everyone, they give the appearance of being a “normal” person – just like everyone else. But they hide a dark secret. They are Sociopaths – people that lack one of the most basic traits that we think of as a human being… […]

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29 Jul 2017

What is a Dry Cough?

The dry cough describes the coughing that doesn’t create mucus (also called phlegm or even sputum). The coughing is the body’s protective reflex which features to maintain your own breathing passages free from annoying or even impeding ingredients to help you inhale successfully. With time, the dry cough could be a effective coughing since the […]

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29 Jul 2017

Free Yourself from Sexual Addiction

One of the major things that will tell you a person is a sex addict is when he or she is always engaging to things that are related to porn.  There is no easy answer on how you can stop addiction to porn.  The cause behind this damaging habit is the bizarre sex acts that […]

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29 Jul 2017

Blue Waffle – STD Guide

The Blue Waffle STD as many around know about it already, is an STD disease which is getting immensely popular these days. Well, I believe “notorious” mainly because its affects the health so badly with a large number of side-effects that teenagers can’t handle. That’s the worst part, the disease is common in teenagers who […]

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29 Jul 2017

How to Lose Your Double Chin

Why you want to lose your double chin? Because it doesn’t complement your look! Double chin is a common cosmetic complaint that many men and women are looking for tips and ways to lose. The double chin is the result of fat build up just below the chin. It is often a symptom of obesity, not a […]

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29 Jul 2017

6 Tips to save while eating rich and healthy

Are you interested in healthy eating but also care you are interested in the economy of your home? You do well. You can prepare the dishes you like and you like your children and family, achieving your goal. Here in Life and Health’s how. These days, due to the slow economy, we are all watching […]

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29 Jul 2017

Cramps with Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is the phenomenon that occurs when the blastocyst embeds itself in the uterine walls of a person. It burrows deep into the uterine wall, which has prepared itself by building a mesh of crisscrossing capillaries. The bleeding occurs when the process of attachment of the embryo to the uterine walls causes the rupture […]

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