17 Oct 2017

Laser Eye Color Modification Surgical Procedure Cost

Eyes play a main role in human life as these are the parts of face which are noticed by someone at very first at the time of contacting with others. Lots of persons are there that are not satisfied with the color of their eyes even with the eye colors which are the rarest like […]

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29 Jul 2017

Healthy Greek Spoon Sweets

The spoon sweets of Greece are delicious delicacies which are usually made from preserved fruits. Their name comes from the usual method of serving these preserves by the teaspoon, usually in a small china or crystal dish. Each small spoon treat should preserve the shape, color, taste, and aroma of the original fruit from which it […]

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29 Jul 2017

Cool Eating on a Hot Summer Day

One of the most enjoyable treats on a hot summer’s day is an ice cream in a cone. While ice creams may be the easy option when you’re out and about, you can be far more adventurous by creating your own frozen summer treats when you’re at home. The following easy recipes for frozen summer […]

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29 Jul 2017

Try this Pie

There is nothing that says fall like a sweet, firm juicy caramel apple. It is a taste that can bring back childhood memories and it just plain tastes great. However, they are messy. There is simply no delicate, clean way to truly enjoy a traditional caramel apple. So, for the more mature crowd, this is […]

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29 Jul 2017

Origin Benefits and Storage of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice which comes from the bark of a plant that originated in Sri Lanka, southeast of the coast of India.  The oil contained in the bark is a very important component to the cinnamon flavor. The small cinnamon tree is also common in Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal, Vietnam and Brazil. The harvesting […]

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29 Jul 2017

Bear Lard Donuts

Bear Lard Donuts Bear fat is excellent for pastry making. The Native Americans used bear lard for cooking. Bear fat is also used for other things other than cooking such as soap making, candle making, and protective finishes for leather and wood. The bear fat is usually heated and melted to prevent spoilage. It must […]

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