All about Sociopaths

They exist everywhere. They are amongst your friends, co-workers and family. To almost everyone, they give the appearance of being a “normal” person – just like everyone else.

But they hide a dark secret. They are Sociopaths – people that lack one of the most basic traits that we think of as a human being… a conscience.

Forget what you think you know about the term regarding to sociopath traits. Sociopaths are very rarely murders, or mentally unstable. Nor are they outcasts, or come with red horns.

Instead, they hide in plain sight. They actually fit in better than most people – they tend to be more charasmatic, likeable,  respected and often have an energy about them that draws people in. Rather than being shunned, they can quickly rise to positions of influence and authority.

But, without the inbuilt ability to tell right from wrong – to feel pain when they hurt others – they leave a terrible trail of destruction behind. They do so in such a clever way that even the people they hurt most are left scratching their heads, refusing to believe that such nice people could have been responsible.

There are a lot more of them than you think  – some estimates put them as high as 4% of the population. That’s one in twenty-five people.

Whether you like it or not, you’re going to meet them throughout your life. And, depending on the circumstances, your interactions with them could make your life a living hell.

You can see the difference between psychopath and sociopath here.

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